06 November 2005

aloha, joe

Joe Paopao won't be coaching next year, which means he won't be providing data for the linguistics-of-sports theme that has risen to prominence on Piloklok (as he did, for example, here. We can't let him go without an acknowledgement of one of the best names (Paopao = Pow-pow) in professional contact sports (perhaps only Tedy Bruschi, i.e. Brewski, has an edge), and one of the best nicknames to boot, the Throwin Samoan (from his days as a CFL quarterback with the BC Lions, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Ottawa Rough Riders, and Winnipeg Blue Bombers). I'm sure there are other Throwin Samoans out there, but given Paopao's vintage (played in the 70s) and position (QB) I suppose he may have been the first.

When I saw the headline, Aloha Joe, I thought it might not have been entirely appropriate, given he's of Samoan descent. Of course, Alofa Joe would be a pretty cryptic headline for most people, and regardless, Paopao was born in Honolulu, so it's all good.


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