17 July 2005


While spending some time updating my blog roll, I came across this article linked from EFL geek. It's a little ominous - actually, enough to give me pause about blogging. It's a basic truth that publishing a blog is very easy, and a writer therefore has a huge risk of appearing uninformed in a very public venue. In contrast, the review process is a safety net that prevents you from looking so bad to anyone but the reviewers.

I call it "blogger's remorse", the feeling you get when you post something and immediately begin to think of reasons why you shouldn't have. It might be why so many write with noms du plume. If there's an upside, I think that while the above article is fair warning, the linguistics blogs I read and write all rely on some degree of self-review. I don't think I've seen any academic linguistic post where I thought, wow, I can't believe they said that.


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